Monday 9 December 2019

My Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide | 2019

AD | Hello my lovelies! Christmas is just around the corner and trying to buy presents for the hard-to-buy-for family members and friends can be a nightmare. However, I have teamed up with some amazing brands to share some gifts that are perfect for everyone!


| The Body Shop 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' Eau De ToiletteThis perfume is a delicately sweet, floral eau de toilette and has made with hand-picked, cold-pressed cherry blossom petals, sweet magnolia and comforting hinoki wood.

| Pairfum London Flacon Perfume Room Spray * | I actually reviewed this product back in May. This home fragrance spray was designed to be displayed proudly and is a natural couture perfume room spray for you and your home. It has made fragrances to choose from all with natural organic essential oils.

| Bomb Cosmetics Bathbombs * | Now I know everyone raves about the Lush Cosmetics bath bombs but have you ever tried the Bomb Cosmetic ones? They're hands down the best ones I have ever tried and so much better value for your money.

| Christmas Non-slip Socks | Everyone loves receiving socks for Christmas, I don't know a person that doesn't no matter what the age! These gorgeous girly pink and grey socks are from a brand called Weeygo and look super comfortable and cosy for the cold nights.

| Diffuser Bracelets * | These aromatherapy diffuser jewellery is designed to be used with essential oil, essential oil blends or fragrance oils. You can easily drop the essential oils or fragrance on the lava rock beads which are porous in texture. The scents will evaporate from the beads throughout the day, this is a lovely and different way to wear your fragrance - and is perfect for anyone who loves perfume and jewellery. I have been wearing this for a few weeks now and have totally fallen in love with it so would highly recommend checking this out as a present for the ladies in your life.

| Rose Garden Scented Candle by Norfolk Natural Living * | Strike a match and light this candle, then take a step back and enjoy the scent of a beautifully manicured English country garden. If you follow me on my Instagram page then you'll probably already know about this candle and I have raved about it so much. The candle is made with natural wax amongst the sprawling fields of the Norfolk coast. This burns for up to fifty hours, and I love that you can re-use its glass jar to store trinkets seeds for your own garden - if you have a candle lover in your life then I would highly check out these candles.

| Baginning Bags * | Every woman loves a new bag, so why not treat that special lady in your life with a bag for Christmas? There are so many to choose from online at Baginning so you'll be sure to find something for everyone.

| Sea Salt Diffuser Oil Set by Norfolk Natural Living * | Fill your home with the refreshing scent of sea salt. Our diffuser oil set is as elegant to see as it is pleasant to smell. I have had this in our downstairs guest bathroom for a few weeks now and everyone who has visited our home has been complimenting on the smell and how refreshing it is. Perfect present for anyone who loves a good fresh smell in their home.

| Personalised Prosecco Bottles * | Personalised Prosecco is the perfect way to mark any occasion, whether it be a birthday, house party, or hen party. You name it, Personalised Prosecco will ensure you celebrate it the right way! To make sure you have everything you need for the big day you can choose from our array of designs, personalise them with the click of a button, and review everything as you go using our live label preview. Once you have everything exactly how you want it we’ll send you as many bottles as you want direct to your door in no time at all. What could be better than that?

| LA Bellefee Bath Bomb and Scented Candle SetIn my opinion, bath bombs make such a wonderful gift, it's basically saying "here go pamper yourself" and I love that. I love that you get four different bath bombs in this set and a candle to go along with it, perfect for whenever you want to relax and unwind, this would make a great gift for a mother or a busy woman on the go.

Chalier Women's Shawl Scarf | I am a massive fan of these oversized women's scarfs, I love that they are great to use as blankets too! From experience of using one I can say that these are really fabulous for wheelchair users as they really keep you warm when using one to cover your legs in your wheelchair.

| Love Lola Rose Wax Melts * | I can't even believe to express enough how much I have fallen in love with this little brand. I can say that they smell so incredible, burn for hours and come packaged in such a cute way - these would really make the most amazing stocking filler or secret Santa gift.

| Infini Cashmere Large Box of Blush Pink Roses * | The Infini cashmere large box contains thirty-six to forty-two real roses, picked at the point of perfection and preserved to last at least one year. Each rose undergoes an intricate and eco-friendly process to preserve the quality and beauty of the petals while living much longer than your average high street rose. Each box is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and makes a stylish addition to your living room, bedroom, hallway or office. This would make the most romantic gift for your partner.

| The Cruse Planner * | This planner is a special edition of our #1 Amazon bestseller Cruise Planner published in conjunction with Cruise Addicts Magazine. The planner cover features a montage of pictures submitted by subscribers to the magazine and a collection of some of their favourite seafaring quotes. In addition the the five original planner sections there is also a bonus puzzle section, so be sure to get your pencils and braincells ready. The Cruise Addicts Planner has space for you to record all the information and details you need to plan, enjoy and remember your perfect cruise.

| Park Lane Jewellery Kinsley Necklace * | The Park Lane Jewellery Kinsley Necklace is such a beautiful delicate gift for any lady in your life. With it's brushed golden discs, beaded chain accent, iridescent white glass beads, the three looks in one necklace and everyday layering piece. Beautiful.


| Park Lane Jewellery Christian NK * | Men and women alike will cherish this Park Lane Jewellery Christian NK necklace. The bold hematite cross is adorned by glittering rows of rich, dark hematite crystals. My husband has been wearing this for weeks now and has had so many compliments on it, it's so stunning.

| 200 Degrees Coffee at Home Packs * | Ever since going to their press event back in the summer, I have completely fallen in love with this coffee company. 

| Beer Sets * | Beer is such a great gift to give a man, all men like beer right? I love that Home Bargains* are doing great drink sets this year, as usual, I've actually picked up a few of these as gifts myself. I think these make great gifts and whenever I have received them as gifts I'd loved them too.

Lindisfarne Dark Mead * | A darker style of mead from the Island of Lindisfarne, made using honey, fermented grape juice, neutral spirits and locally sourced water. I'm super gutted that this isn't vegan (due to the honey), as it smells super tasty. This would make the perfect gift for maybe that male that has everything in your life.

| Cinema Tickets * | Buying someone tickets for Christmas is great as everyone looks forward to seeing the new movie that they have been waiting for in the cinema right? Buying someone some Cineworld tickets or vouchers is a great gift idea.

| "The Man Tin" | I'm not sure about everyone else but every man in my life needs a man tin, and this one makes the perfect gift. Make that male someone in your life a bit more organised for the New Year and give them a man tin - it also works as a fab biscuit tin for work too!

| Elegance Men's Handkerchiefs BoxsetThese make great gifts for the older men in your life, dad's, grandad's, etc. The products are made with excellent quality from 100% soft and smooth cotton and, using handkerchiefs are actually a great way to be more eco-friendly as you won't be using so much tissue.

| Morse Toad Secret Message Advent Calendar * | Not all Advent Calendars are created equal. With the personalised chocolate advent calendar from Morse Toad, you are the person who adds the magic. Imagine their excitement as every day, they get one step closer to knowing what message you sent them! It's perfect as an advent calendar for grownups, or as a chocolate advent calendar for kids. However, make sure that you check the calendar before giving it to someone as a gift as I gave it to someone and sadly the chocolates had all been put in the wrong order and were upside down, I had to rearrange it all myself otherwise none of it would have made sense.

| Bomb Cosmetics Men's Superhero Gift BoxHand-pressed to ensure more fizz per whizz, beat the blues with a Fizz, Bang, Pop Bath Blaster, as the stars sparkle and pure Lemongrass and Bergamot essential oils effervesce to strengthen your soul and spirit! With pure Cocoa and Shea Butters, let Zero 2 Hero Bath Mallow transform you into a hero through the power of Sweet Orange and Mandarin pure essential oils and a sugary Bubblegum fragrance to send you up, up and away! These come beautifully wrapped and tied with a bow to make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

| Massi Morino Men's Tie and Cuff-links Box SetI've actually bought these in the past for a couple of people as they make such a wonderful gift. They are so beautifully designed and look super expensive.

| Haryali London Men's Shaving Gift SetThis is an elegant five-piece shaving set that has excellent grip, perfect balance and performance and has a top-selling Gillette Mach3 Compatible Razor included. This comes in a designer gift box and is an ideal gift for any gentleman with a beard.

| Hatteker Bread and Hair Trimmer * | This sixteen piece five-in-one product set is great for any men who wants to look after himself a little bit more. The hair trimmer is fast and easy to clean, with simply rinse the blades under running water for quick, hygienic cleaning. Also, includes a beard trimmer, a hair trimmer, a detail trimmer, a body groomer, a nose and ear hair trimmer,6 guide combs, a charger with USB connection, an instruction, an accessory storage bag, and a cleaning brush.

| Hockerty Personalised Tailored Shirts * | Want to make a bit more of a personal gift this year? Know a man in your life who loves shirts? Then make sure that you check these tailored shirts out as they make such amazing gifts - I made my Dad one for fathers day this past year and he loved it.

| 'The Personal Barber' Men's Razor Shaving Set * | At The Personal Barber they think shaving should be better. It shouldn't be a chore: using a solid metal razor and the warm scented lather is a satisfying experience you'll look forward to. It shouldn't cause irritation: a single blade means less stress on your skin. Never leave the house with neck rash again. It shouldn't cost the earth: they are passionate about minimising plastic waste. That's why their blades are made from one hundred per cent recyclable steel. You can join the club today and enjoy ten blades, shaving creams, balms, gels and more delivered to you every six weeks. Your first kit also features their safety razor and shaving brush as free extras so you have everything you need to get started. Perfect for every man in your life.


| Zoella Cordially Invited Book * | Even if you're not a fan of Zoella I really think that you'll love this book! It has so many tips and tricks in it on how to make DIY's and how to host the perfect sleepover, party or little event for family and friends.

| Minnie Wink Travel Bag | I have to admit, I actually kind of want this bag for myself. If you know a Disney lover or just someone who is planning on travelling a little bit more in the new year than this would make a great gift for them.

| Scratch-Off Map PosterI personally think that this is such a great present to give to young teenagers up to adults! It's a really great simple way of giving people the dream to explore and have adventures all over the world.

Full Moon Mood Lighting Lamp | This beautiful moon replica lamp really gives a real-like appearance of our moon and has a touching method that lets you switch between white and warm colour lighting effect. This light is great for any teenagers between and from experience I can say really helps with anxiety has it gives off a warm and calming atmosphere.

| Dickies Clothing * | Fashion lover in the family? Check this website out to help you with some ideas of what you could buy them - they have everything from hat to coats, from tops to socks you're sure to find something for that special someone.

| Brung Up Proper: My Autobiography by Jason Manford * | The is the tale of a cheeky little sod from Salford called Jason growing up surrounded by his properly funny and most definitely shameless family and his discovery that being funny might actually get him somewhere. Other than detention, mugged, dumped or sacked that is. It's about being part of a big, northern, working-class family forever struggling with money, but never short on laughs or misadventures, who show that when the chips are down what really matters is sticking together. Anyone who loves Jason Manford, an autobiography or likes reading will really enjoy this book! I highly recommend it, even for yourself.

| Experience Days * | Whether it's paintballing for four, a photoshoot, two-night romantic getaway, afternoon tea, discovering your family history, spa days, football club tours, steam train experiences, wine tasting, helicopter rides, rock climbing, driving a racecar experience - you'll find something to fall in love with.

| The Great Escape Game * | Live in Sheffield or Leeds? Why not get some tickets to the amazing great escape room game? This is perfect for all of the family and even caters for wheelchair users and people who suffer from some disabilities - a great day out for all of the family or a group of friends.

| The Luxury Twine Box * | Have a crafter in your life that has everything? Then this special everlasto luxury twines Christmas selection box is perfect for them. These festive-themed selection box includes colours; Moss Sparkle, Welsh Dragon, Beefeater Red, Red/Green/Gold Sparkle and Beefeater Sparkle. it's ideal for embellishing cards, tying gift tags and presents for Christmas, scrapbooking, as well as much other general craft uses. I've actually used this to wrap my Christmas presents this year and it all looks so beautiful with recycled eco-friendly brown paper. I highly recommend!

| Money Vouchers | Want an easy way to please them, moody hormonal teenagers? Then maybe just give in and give them some money vouchers for their favourite stores? They will be happy and it's an easy quick present for you too.


Christmas Eve Box * | This small cute Christmas Eve box is a perfect early Chrismas present to get your children excited for the big day, the box measure 25cm x17cm x 13cm it includes a lift up hinged lid secured with latch and Christmas design on top. Personally, I think this is great for everyone, not just for children - I'd use this as a storage box to keep my pets Christmas gifts in!

| Mermaid/Shark Tail Blankets | Who wouldn't like to snuggle up with a blanket? These Mermaid Tail or Shark Tail blankets are perfect for children, whether its to snuggle up on the sofa or in bed, or to use in your car or on a plane on long journeys these are so cute.

| Lego | Lego is a classic right? I used to adore lego when I was a child, I made so many houses and even a pirate ship once - which took me about a month! To be fair, lego is fun at all ages and even more, I'd love to receive lego for a gift, you can never go wrong with buying someone lego.

| Willy Wonka "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" Hamper | Who wouldn't want to receive a big box of sweeties for a present? I know I would. I adore the packaging on this as it's so retro, imagine munching on this box of goodies whilst watching the movie? Perfect.

| Handheld Reto Classic 400 Built-in Game Console | This little console is lightweight and can be with you in your pocket, bag, etc so it perfect for travelling or on the go. I've actually already bought two of these for my friends' sons as it seems that children these days are obsessed with electronic devices; from mobile phones, iPads and game consoles. 

| Sweet and Kind Vegan Sweeties * | Wanting to buy something for a vegan but don't know where to start or what you buy? Then Sweet & Kind is here to give the ever-growing vegan movement a solution for all their vegan sweet gifts, wedding and party favours needs and in the very near future, vegan candy buffets! The lovely pick and mix box has had a revamp, and has gone totally eco-friendly! This is perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike!

| 'Cooking With Kids' Vegan Cook Book * | Vegan cook & TV presenter Kirly-Sue has a new plant-based cookbook out entitled “Cooking with Kids”. The tasty and easy to follow recipes are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and for those meat-eaters who would like to try something new. “Cooking With Kids” is a plant-based cookbook for parents and kids. From bibimbap to beany balls, and from plantain porridge to banana bread, there are soups, salads, breakfasts, dinners, smoothies and desserts galore in this charmingly illustrated healthy cookbook. With stunning food photography and more than 75 individual recipes, “Cooking With Kids” reveals a glimpse into the inner workings of her TV shows and philosophies. There are updates of time-proven favourite recipes, inventive new ideas and contemporary twists on some multi-ethnic dishes from around the world.


| Personalised Pet PillowThis adorable pet pillow is the perfect accessory to any home - put on your pet's bed or favourite chair for their extra comfort. It's also fab for your visitors who may be allergic to your furry family member so they can know where they sit or take a nap.

| KOTiger Pet Christmas TieI really adore changing up our little princess' collar for different seasons and this one is super cute and festive, it's perfect for dogs or cats. It's super cheap for until 50p too!

| Pet Stockings | I don't know about anyone else but I really think that it's super cute when people add pet stockings to their family collection of stockings on their fireplace etc. These two stockings are so cute and worth checking out for your furry family member - Meow Cat Stocking* and I Wuf Christmas Dog Stocking*.

| Good Boy 'Doggy' Xmas Mince Pie Chews * | These Good Boy Christmas doggy mince pie chews are a must for any furry family members or canine friends at Christmas. They're great for your dog’s dental hygiene and ideal for medium/large breeds.

| Woof and Brew Pawsecco Freeze Pops * | Developed in Britain with experts, veterinary-approved these as safe for cats and dogs. They're healthy, alcohol-free, grape-free, and made with 100% natural herbs. These make perfect little treats for your pet and great for cooling them down whenever they're too warm.

| Woof and Brew Pawsecco Wine Gift Set * | How cute is this pet wine gift set? Who said 'Wine Wednesdays' are just for us humans, get your pet in on the action with this gift box containing Pawsecco 'Pet-House White' and 'Pet-House Rose'. They're a healthy, herbal infusion that is non-alcoholic, grape-free, made with 100% natural herbs and are suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats.

| Natures Market Wooden Insect and Bee Hotel * | A lot of people forget about the little animals outside during the cold months, these need a little tender loving care too so why not be an animal lover and buy the little animals in your garden a hotel to live in? These are a great price and attracts a wide variety of garden insects. It comes ready assembled, so you just need to put it in your garden or hang it up somewhere.

I really hope some of these items will help you when it comes to buying presents for your friends and family thing year. Sending you all so much Christmas love and festive cheer!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


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