Monday 9 September 2019

Blogger PR Email Pitch to Brands

Hello my lovelies! I get asked all of the time how I pitch to brands and companies for my blog and social media so I thought that I would share a drafted email which you can use and edit your own details into to make it a little more personal to you and your blog.

"Hello! My name is [[your name]], I'm [[your age]] and I blog at [[your blog link]] - I have been blogging for [[how many months or years you have been blogging for]]. I was wondering if you would you please add me to your PR list for any collaboration opportunities that you think may fit my blog topics?

My blog aim is [[write your blog aim/what do you blog about: beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc]]. My blog statistics as of [name the month] are: [[what is your DA score, what is your unique monthly views, what is your follow count]]. I currently offer [[what do you offer on your blog: reviews, giveaways, etc]].

Please let me know if this sparks any ideas that you may have for us to work together? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email, I hope you have a great day! 

[[Sign off and leave your blog link]]"

Extra tip: attach your media kit with your media, and if you don't already have a media kit then click here to see my guide-by-guide sample on how to make one for yourself.

I really hope this helps so many bloggers out with their emails when pitching to brands that they love. I'm sending you all so much love and positive vibes!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

(Thank you so much to Murals Wallpaper* for sending me this beautiful wallpaper sample to use as my background in my posts)



  1. Lovely post! One thing though, I work in influencer marketing and I personally don't think you should add an attachment like media kit in the first email. My peers and I personally don't look at them until we know we want to work with someone. Other than that great pitch!


  2. Thank you for sharing, it is always difficult to know what to put in any important email so any help is welcome x

  3. This is a very interesting post!

    However, I believe that it is not entirely necessary to disclose stats immediately. I launched my rebranded blog about three weeks ago, and approached a clothing brand asking if they had an affiliate program, or if I could review their products. They were happy to work with me and they offered me a completely different (but amazing) opportunity.

    Perhaps if you want to approach big-shot brands, then yes, definitely. However, for smaller, independent brands it's all about the way you present yourself.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. This is so useful. I always wonder what to say or leave out in emails to brands. Thanks for sharing!


  5. This is such a helpful post, I was just think that I wanted to start emailing a few brands to see if I could work with them but never really know what to say! X

  6. This is such a useful post! It's interesting to see what other people include in their pitch emails compared to what I do as I might have overlooked some vital info :) x

  7. This is such a helpful post Alisha, I've actually never used a media kit but I might have to make one after this post! Thanks for sharing x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌟

  8. As I am aiming to get my domain at the end of October this couldn’t have come at a better time! I always worry about how to go about writing an email to companies, and of course the media kit! Nearly forgot to put that on my list of things to do!

  9. this is so helpful! i need to work on making a media kit and pitching to brands, I’m definitely going to use this template for when I do finally pitch to a brand! thanks for sharing xx

    mich /

  10. Great post! I struggle so much with pitching and trying to get the key points in without sounding too generic x


  11. This is so helpful! I definitely need to take this on board and create a media kit ASAP xx

  12. Really good post helping us all out who are a bit apprehensive to reach out to brands!

    Thank you x

  13. This was such a great and informative post! I wish I had the following and the courage to reach out to brands, but this is a great pitch and guideline for bloggers who are ready to do so!

    Emily |

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been looking to pitch to brands but didn't have any idea as to what to say.

    Thank you!
    Loren |

  15. They serve as a good solution when you want to change your email address. If you're like me you've had your Hotmail email address for years.

  16. This is so useful. It can be difficult to know what to put in these types of emails. It can be hard not to seem awkward too, at least for me, this template is great.

  17. I’ve always wondered when it comes to a stage where I wanna start reaching out to brands myself how I would go about it, this is so helpful! 😊

  18. This is so helpful! I am always looking to work with new brands so anything that will help me pitch to them will be so helpful :) Now I just need to increase my DA and PA score!!

    Shannon x