Monday 6 May 2019

What's in My Bag | Spring 2019

Hello there my lovelies! I haven't done a "what's in my bag" blog post in such a long time, and since I've always had good feedback from these blog posts I thought I would share my new bag with you all and tell you about what I am currently carrying about with me when I'm out and about.

| About My Bag | I adore this little bag, it's perfect for me as I don't like using certain bags as I am a wheelchair user and having a bag on the back of my wheelchair worries me encase anyone takes my bag or robs anything from it, so this bag is perfect for sitting on my lap or next to me on my wheelchair seat as the size of this bag is smaller at only 26cm long, 7cm wide and 19cm in height. It's got a beautiful floral Kath Kidson like shabby chic print design which is perfect for the Spring and Summer months, and it is made with eco-friendly recycled canvas material.

| Purse | This is something that doesn't need explaining. Leaving the house? You need your purse. Although I don't carry a lot of cash on me as I am so scared that I may lose it all or that I may be mugged, I do carry a small bit of cash and I also have my store cards in my purse at all times - you never know when you may pass your favourite story that has a huge sale on.

| Lip Product | I get such dry, horrible, chapped lips so I always have a lip product in my bag to top up whenever I need to through-out the day. Right now, I've currently been using #### by ### - it's such a wonderful little product that is perfect to fit in your handbag.

| Tissues | I hate it when I go to the bathroom then notice that there is no toilet paper or that the toilet paper is the cheapest of the cheap, so obviously I carry around a packet of tissues. Also, I am so clumsy and spill drinks etc a lot so carrying tissues with me really comes in handy! 

| Mobile Phone and Charger | Any blogger will know that their phone battery can sometimes be a nightmare, you can be halfway through taking photographs of your day to put online and out of nowhere your phone battery will go from eighty per-cent to eight-per-cent in seconds. Carrying a portable mobile phone charger is a lifesaver and I would highly recommend buying one for everyone.

| Medical Cards and Radar Key | Carrying these around in my bag with me is a big must, I cannot leave the house without them. One of the worst and biggest things about having ulcerative colitis is that I can need the toilet at any moment so carrying a radar key to get in quickly into the disabled toilets is a massive must. Also carrying my medical cards with me just encase something happens so the paramedics or doctors know what medication I am on or have recently need on and what amount etc can be so helpful - better to be safe than sorry. 

| Notepad and Pen | Even though a lot of people use the memo notepads on their phones to write things down on these days, carrying a small notepad and pen can be really helpful. What if you bump into your favourite celebrity and want a signature? What if your phone battery dies and you need to jot something down? Everyone should carry a small notepad and pen in their bags.

What do you think of my new bag and the items I carry around with me on a daily basis? What bag are you currently using? What do you carry about with you on day-to-day? I'd love to know your thought so please send me a tweet.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x