Friday 21 June 2019

Newly Diagnosed? Things To Ask Your Gastroenterologist | Crohns and Colitis UK

Hello my lovelies! Having a great relationship with the medical professional looking after me and my health is so important to me and I remember what it was like being newly diagnosed with my IBD condition back when I was fourteen years old, it can be so scary and your mind can be all over the place that you don't know what to even think about talking to your doctor about or what questions to ask them but thankfully I have put together a list of questions for you to ask your gastroenterologist.

1. What is my prognosis? 
2. What is causing my IBD? 
3. Do I have Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's disease? 
4. What type of IBD do I have? 
5. How is IBD different from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? 
6. What parts of my intestine are affected? 
7. What can I do to monitor my condition? 
8. How will I know if I am flaring up? 
9. What symptoms signal an emergency and when should I visit A&E? 
10. How will I know when I am in remission? 
11. What can I do at home to treat my symptoms?
12. Is IBD considered a fatal disease? 
13. How has it affected my body? 
14. Is this temporary or long-lasting?
15. What serious side effects am I going to get over time?
16. What medications/treatment is going to be best for me, what are the pros and cons of the treatment you recommend and the treatment side effects? 
17. How many people do you care for on said-treatment? 
18. How much improvement can I expect? 
19. How soon will my improvement start?
20. Will I experience incontinence? 
21. How will my IBD affect my sex life?
22. How will my IBD affect my ability to work, travel and exercise? 
23. How will my family and my friends react to my illness?
24. Will I need an ostomy? 
25. Is surgery an option? If so, what are the risks, benefits and recovery time?
26. What are my chances of getting colon cancer or any other type of cancers?
27. Can the treatment I am taking cause or increase cancer effects?
28. What happens if I show signs of cancer?
29. How will be IBD affect my chances of getting pregnant? 
30. What should I do before I start a family? 
31. Can my children develop IBD? 
32. Are there any tests you can do to see if they will get it? 
33. Will they need any tests?
34. Should I change my diet because of my IBD? 
35. Should I avoid any foods? 
36. Should I start taking any vitamins or supplements? 
37. Would it be worth me having an appointment with a dietitian?
38. How many people with IBD have you treated?
39. When should I have a follow-up appointment?
40. How can I get more information?

Always get a second and third and fourth and so on an opinion if you're not fully satisfied. 

Any treatment suggested by a medical professional should be researched by yourself A LOT, my advice is to NEVER start a treatment that you don't know every single detail about doing your own research, not just what your medical professional is telling you.

If you ever think that your treatment is not helping you, or you don't like some of the side effects to your treatment then don't be scared to speak up and tell your medical professional. Never ever put up with the side effects for an easy life as you can be doing more harm than good to yourself and your body.

I hope some of this advice or these questions help you in any way, please feel free to contact me on one of my social media accounts if you ever need advice, help or simply someone to talk to.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x