Saturday 1 June 2019

The No-Spend Challenge

Hello my lovelies! Do you struggle with trying to save money? Then why not try the No Spend Challenge* and see if it helps you save any money. You can choose whether to start off with trying to save money for a month, or for just one week - you'll be so surprised with how much money you waste. These days many of us are out of touch with where our money is actually going, and a no spend challenge can help put things back in perspective and empower you to save for what's really important.

The No Spend Challenge* is a day-by-day spreadsheet, to help you save money and stay motivated along the way. It has lots of simple ideas doing so and is great for you too look back on so you can remember why you started. It gives you preparation for the challenge, a no-spend wishlist track sheet, a challenging track, a wrap-up and reflection and much more.

I hope that the one-month (or one-week to start!) "no spend" challenge helps you save money and keeps you on track to not spend your money on silly things in life.