Monday, 10 June 2019

Our Stay at The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool

When my husband and I were asked if we would like to stay at The Shankly Hotel* we jumped at the chance! We had heard so many great things from my Dad and his company about the hotel already as his company were the ones who decorated it all so going there and seeing it all finished and seeing how much hard work my Dad and his team had put into the designing of it all, I felt rather proud!

We were given the "Date Night" package which consisted of a romantic two-course meal in the unique Bastion Bar & Restaurant before heading to a luxury suite, plus they included their famous Love Sweet Love package for us of rose petals, personalised cupcakes and prosecco on ice. Here is what we got up to...

The Shankly Hotel* is located in Liverpool's city centre at Millennium house on 60 Victoria Street and is a  tribute to one of Liverpool football's greatest managers: Bill Shankly. As it is located in the heart of Liverpool city centre it is within a few minutes walk from all the major rail and transport links. The Shankly Hotel* also offers car parking in their car park for an extra price.

The Shankly Hotel* offers spacious rooms, a trendy bar and restaurant and unseen memorabilia, you will never want to leave. The Shankly Hotel* features a variety of rooms and studios that are impeccably designed and incredibly comfortable - whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or with a group of friends you can take a look at their spacious accommodation via their website to pick which package or room is right for you. Each room has been designed with comfort, style and flexibility in mind, spanning over 2.5 times an average hotel room - perfect for us wheelchair users! They are the ideal destination for those who appreciate luxury, fun and flexibility, providing the ultimate hotel experience in Liverpool.

The first suite we stayed at was stunning, it had been styled very old-fashioned but in a vintage-like way which if you've seen my instagram account you'll probably guess that, of course, I loved it. The windows were high up and had to be reached with a pole to open and close which would be perfect for celebrities as you couldn't see out or in them - even if you did try to with a camera from outside! There was a big bed, dressing table, TV, and tea try, plus on-suite bathroom which featured a double jacuzzi bath. I will admit, I was a little disappointed by the tea tray as I would have liked to have seen more options than the regular stuff you find in more basic budget hotel rooms and suites.

Our evening meal was the only thing I have to say anything negative about sadly. We had our evening meal in The Shankly Hotel*'s ground floor in their Bastion Bar & Restaurant* which they described as a truly unique dining experience, but they don't really cater for vegetarians or vegans so my husband and I ended up having meals which we didn't enjoy at all - I really think that they need to update their inclusive menu quite a bit. Their Bastion Bar & Restaurant* is a total delve into the iconic personal and professional life of Bill Shankly with some of the football manager’s most treasured memorabilia which displayed throughout this unique restaurant so if you're a football lover, then you will love it.

Our second room was in The Shankly Hotel*'s Enchanted Gardens floor of suites, and oh my gosh I was totally blown away by this suite - as you can tell from the pictures, even though they don't do it justice at all, it was so stunningly beautiful! I really felt like a princess when staying in this room and the view over Liverpool was incredible, again, however, I have to say that for the price you would pay for the suites you should get better tea tray options other than what they do provide. The en-suite bathroom was huge and again the double jacuzzi bathtub with built-in shower was amazing. This was my favourite room to stay at.

I have to say, waking up in the suite I really did feel like a Disney princess and I never wanted to get out of bed and leave. It was wonderful getting ready in this room at a princess-themed vintage dressing table, with all of my makeup out around me. It has made me want a dressing table like this one in my bedroom.

Breakfast was served again in The Shankly Hotel*'s ground floor Bastion Bar & Restaurant* and even though we didn't have the best experience for our evening meal, the atmosphere for breakfast was wonderful and we had a really delicious buffet-style breakfast which included lots of vegetarian and vegan options. To be honest, I would love to just go back and stay at The Shankly Hotel* for their breakfast menu as it really was that good. The staff at the hotel are so friendly, welcoming and a real credit to the hotel as without them it wouldn't be as good as it is so thank you to everyone who was involved in looking after us.

Overall, our stay at The Shankly Hotel* was really wonderful and I would adore visiting again one day. I highly recommend you check this place out if you are ever looking to come and stay in Liverpool, maybe I will see you there...

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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  1. This looks like such a unique hotel. Shame about the lack of veggie options on the menu though!


  2. Oh wow, the attention to detail in everything they did at the hotel is incredible! I love that they spared no expense committing to their aesthetic. Glad to hear that you had a great stay!

    Britt |

  3. The Enchanted Garden suite looks like it came out of a Disney princess film! It's a shame they didn't cater much to vegans and vegetarians, I have the same issue with hotels and just gave up eating in their restaurants altogether!

    Ash |

  4. This hotel looks extra unique, I love the pink theme that they had in some of the rooms and the four poster bed looked amazing! I’m glad you have a good time! X

  5. The hotel looks absolutely beautiful! I love the style of decor. It's a shame the restaurant didn't really cater for vegetarians or vegans though, that's disappointing x


  6. It looks well nice! Shame about the restaurant xx

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous hotel, it's always a shame when a restaurant doesn't cater for vegans because they're missing out on so much!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  8. My goodness, the pink bed and the vintage dressing table... It's good to hear that the breakfast options were more vegan/vegetarian friendly. It sucks when not everyone is catered for!

    Louisa |

  9. This looks amazing! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  10. The Enchanted Gardens suite looks like it's straight out of a castle. So adorable and cute. It would be a dream to stay in a place as beautiful as that.

    Have a great day!

  11. I adore all things quaint and resembling an English lady's bedroom! This is both; that wardrobe and mirror are out of a story book.

  12. I really love the decor! If I ever go back to Liverpool I'll check it out.

  13. The second room looks amazing :) i personally would not mind the food and I really like the pictures of it 😍 i am going to liverpool soln I will check the hotel out

  14. I love your room! It looks like a dream come true!

  15. Wow it looks like a beautiful hotel! I love a night away xx

    Tiffany x

  16. There is so much pink stuff! I love it! x

  17. How fun! I like the sound of the package, and all of the quirky decor. Great post, thank you for sharing! :)

  18. Oh my gosh the enchanted suite looks amazing! I'm not normally a fan of themed rooms but it looks pretty and the colour scheme is just great x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  19. Shame about the food, but what an amazing looking place to stay at! I can think of a few Liverpool fans I know that would just love to stay there.

  20. I'd love to stay in the Shankly Hotel, it looks incredible and having been to Liverpool so many times and walked past it a couple of times, it's definite hotel goals! x

    Lucy |

  21. I adore the shankly hotel!
    It's a beautiful place, I stayed there 2 summers ago it was amazing.
    Some gorgeous photography here ♥

    Luke |

  22. I love the style of the hotel! so pretty and original! the furniture is amazing! what a cool hotel!

  23. It looks so unique! The second suit looks so ethereal! I'm glad you had a lovely time :)

  24. I love a good hotel review. Love the bath! Glad you had a lovely time!

  25. This is looking so cute, I love the pink theme!

    xo Simone