Wednesday 12 June 2019

AD | Pond Water Features: Make Your Garden Look Its Best!

AD | Who doesn’t love to have a beautiful garden? Flowers and greenery soothe the eye, and they add a bit of glamour to your home. However, maintaining a garden can be difficult; which is why many people opt for water gardening instead.

Not Sure What Water Gardening Is? Let’s Learn More About It!

Water gardens are mainly reservoirs of water which host a number of aquatic plants. It can have a waterfall feature, or if you want to make it fancier, you can even add a pond. It is like a garden which is water-based, and it is quite easy to maintain. Although water gardens can be of any size depending on the species of aquatic plants, which you want to grow, they are usually not longer than 20 inches and are relatively shallow, and hence easy to maintain. The depth of the pond is crucial since most aquatic plants are sensitive to the amount of water that they need.

How You Can Make Your Pond Water Features Look Exciting!

While most pond water features will have only plants, however, you can even add ornamental fish to the mix, in which case it will be known as a fishpond. Apart from that, in order to elevate your water garden, you can add more exciting features to your pond.

Not Sure What You Can Add? Here Are A Few Ideas!

• Water Lily: Flowers always brighten up any place, and they help add beauty to your pond water features. Additionally, if you do have some fish in your pond, then they will be able to use the shade of water lilies to hide from predators as well. Thus, it will be a useful addition.

• Fountain: Your water garden will need aeration, that is, it will need to have oxygen added to the water naturally so that your plants and fish can thrive. Most people add waterfalls to make sure that their pond water feature is adequately aerated. However, if you feel that your waterfall is not sufficient, then you can add a fountain to your pond as well. It will not only be a functional addition but will also add to the beauty of your garden.

• Floating Plant Island: There may be areas in your pond which may be a bit deeper than the rest, and may not have many shelves for plants to take root in. In those areas, you can add plant islands to make sure that the area does not look deserted. The island is designed such that it stays in the water while protecting your plants from fish and keeping the soil in it intact. This is one of the most exciting pond water features that allow you to get creative with your work.

• Lighting: During the evenings, your pond water may not look as exciting as it does in the daylight. Although you may have some lighting in your garden area, if they are not incorporated in your pond water feature, they are not as flattering as you would like. Adding lighting to your water garden may make all the difference when you want to look at your water garden during the evenings, and make it look spectacular

If you are a fan of gardening but do not seem to have a green thumb, then a water garden can be an excellent alternative for you. It requires very little maintenance, and the plants are able to thrive on their own! With the expressive pond water features mentioned in this article, you can make sure that your garden looks beautiful and awesome.

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