Thursday 26 September 2019

'Alisha Valerie' Personalised USB Sticks!

AD | Hello my lovelies! You may remember a few weeks back I shared an article all about personalised USB power banks, well the company loved my article and wanted to work with me again so this time we created some personalised USB sticks!

One of the USB Makers* newest faux leather style USB memory sticks is the Hermes USB Sticks* ranging in capacity sizes beginning from 128Mb and being available in up to 64GB - mine are 8GB each. These USB drives have a generous printing area which allows for a larger logo and the drive can be screen printed or for an added edge, can be laser engraved on one or both sides. The Hermes style has an additional asset, its eyelet, a fantastic opportunity to allow your recipients to attach it to their keyring and carry your brand wherever they go. They also come in a selection of colours including black, white, tan, red or yellow for what suit your needs - of course, I picked white with my pink logo. Perfect right?

These are really awesome as they hold so much on them and they are the perfect size to pop into your pocket or handbag, or maybe even onto your keys as a keyring! Perfect for any blogger or girl boss on the go! I would highly recommend checking these out and creating your own.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x