Wednesday 17 June 2020

Ways To Simplify Your Life

AD | Hello my lovelies, happy Wednesday, I really hope that you're all having a really wonderful hump day so far! Simplifying your life and making the small important things in life more of a priority can be so great for your own mindset and self-care, so I wanted to share some easy ways on how you can take control of your life a little bit more.

| Set A Morning Routine | Create a morning routine that sets you up for the day ahead.

| Plan Your Meals | Every week look at your diary so you know what's happening, plan your menu and shop online.

| Declutter Your Home | Get rid of the things that you don't need anymore, make more space so it's easier to keep it clean and tidy.

| Keep Good People Close | Invest your time and energy on good positive loyal people.

| Say No And Own It | Be firm in saying no to things that aren't important to you.

| Get Rid Of The Negativity | Get excited about the small things in life and make them count.

| Keep Your Home Tidy | Put things away regularly through the day. Encourage others to help tidy their things away.

| Sort Your Clothes | Only keep things that you love and make you feel good.

| Sort Your Money | Make a spreadsheet each month of your incomings and outgoings, to help plan and save.

| Have A Paper Clutter | Sort through old papers often, set up a filling system and shred the rest.

| Look After Your Body | Take up meditation, yoga, eat healthily and exercise daily.

| Set An Evening Routine | Prepare for the next day and find time to unwind and relax before bed.

| Look After You | Put yourself first every now and then. You are so important.

I'd love to know your views and thoughts so please get in touch with me on one of my social media pages? I'm sending you all so much love for a wonderful day x

With love, Alisha Valerie. x