Friday 12 June 2020

Ways To Spend Time Alone

AD | Hello my lovelies, happy Friday, I hope that you have all had a wonderful week! Has anyone ever told you that spending time alone is okay? Did you know that it's actually good for your mental health to spend time by yourself doing something that you love? If you struggle to spend time alone then I have written down a couple of idea's for you to do whilst spending time alone...

x | Meditate.

x | Go for a walk.

x | Listen to a new album.

x | Visit a museum.

x | Call someone.

x | Do a jigsaw.

x | Paint your nails.

x | Watch a new documentary.

x | Take your dog on a walk.

x | Visit a new bookstore.

x | Experiment with your makeup.

x | Draw or colour in a colouring book.

x | Write in your journal.

x | Do a facial.

x | Try cooking a new meal.

x | Watch your favourite shows.

x | Meal plan/prep.

x | Try a new workout.

x | Get a massage.

x | Take a nap.

x | Research something new.

x | Clean your car.

x | Organise your bedroom.

x | Declutter your inbox.

x | Have a clear-out at home.

x | Volunteer at a charity store.

x | Try a new hairstyle.

x | Create a motivational morning playlist.

x | Take a long bath.

x | Watch an Inspiring Video on YouTube by Motivation Hub*!

I'd love to know your views and thoughts so please get in touch with me on one of my social media pages? Sending you all so much love for a wonderful day x

With love, Alisha Valerie. x