Sunday 21 June 2020

Types of Self-Care

AD | Hello my lovelies, happy Sunday, I really hope that you have all had a really wonderful weekend! I wanted to share with you all some easy different ways on how you can add self-care into your daily routines to help you feel more relaxed, motivated and positive about your life.

| PHYSICAL | Sleep. Stretch. Take a walk. Physical Release. Eat healthily. Do yoga. Mediate. Rest.

| EMOTIONAL | Stress less. Emotional maturity. Forgive people. Have compassion for others. Be kind.

| SOCIAL | Set boundaries. Create support systems. Be positive on social media. Ask for help. Spend time with loved ones. Communicate.

| FINANCIAL | Save money. Budget your money. Pay your bills on time.

| WORK | Keep to time management. Set boundaries. Create a positive workspace. Learn. Take breaks.

| SPACE | Stay safe. Be more environmentally friendly. Keep your home organised and tidy.

| SPIRITUAL | Spend time alone. Meditate. Connect with nature. Journal. Create a scared space.

| PERSONAL | Do more hobbies. Know yourself. Figure out your personal identity. Love you.

I'd love to know your views and thoughts so please let me know your thoughts on one of my social media pages! Sending you all so much love for a wonderful day x

With love, Alisha Valerie. x