Thursday 10 October 2019

Crohns/Colitis Flare-Up Emergency Kit | Crohns and Colitis UK

AD | Hello my lovelies! If you've been reading my website or following me on my social media pages for a while then you'll know that I suffer from an invisible illness which can't ever be cured called ulcerative colitis - you can read more about my journey with this disease by clicking here. In my case, I have a lot of "just encase" things in my emergency kit but as my Nan always said "it's better to be safe than sorry" meaning its better to have it just encase you may need it. 

| Bag | You'll need a bag to keep your items in, but it's great to know that even when you aren't in a flare-up or need these items they're all safely together for when you do. I personally prefer a darker coloured bag that isn't see-through so nothing stains and no-one can see what's inside.

| Extra Pants and Underwear | There is nothing worse than having an accident when you are in a flare-up, and thankfully although I haven't had too many of them, the ones I have had have been a nightmare and so embarrassing! Having extra pants and underwear just in case is great, I personally like mine to be black coloured and I usually buy some extra leggings from Primark.

| Flannel or Towel | I know this may sound so silly to other people but I always like to have a flannel or towel with me in my emergency kit bag so I can get one of them out to sit on. This may be too much information but I get so worried about "having an accident" and it going right through to the seat I am sitting on, you know just encase I always sit on one of these so I don't put myself in that situation. Also, they're perfect for cleaning up if you do have an accident.

| Medical Alert Card and Disability Radar Toliet Key | Did you know that you can request a radar key and an emergency toilet card both for free? They're perfect for whenever you are in need of a toilet and there is a queue. I have two - one in my emergency bag and one in my normal everyday bag as you never know when they will come in handy. However, always remember to check that the toilet is free before you open the door so you don't embarrass someone in there and/or yourself.

| Water Bottle | As you will probably understand if you are a sufferer you never feel like eating anything when you are having a flare-up but keeping hydrated is so important. Also, having a water bottle is handy to encase things get too messy and you can't get to a sink to clean up.

| Medical Gloves | Well let's be honest, you don't want your hands getting "dirty" so having a pair of medical gloved handly is great. You can buy these in boxes at your local pharmacy or supermarket, paying a little bit extra for eco-friendly medical gloves is a great way to do your bit towards saving our planet.

| Wet Wipes | This may be too much information but I personally never use tissue on my bottom as I end up getting a sore bum, instead, I always use wet wipes. Also, you can be more eco-friendly and get yourself some flush-able wet wipes so you aren't damaging our planet.

| Rash Cream | As mentioned above, if I get a sore bottom I always keep some rash cream with me in my emergency kit bag - just encase. I personally use sudocream, however, I would recommend checking the ingredients before you use it.

| Carrier Bag | If you have an accident when flaring up you don't use want to put your underwear in the bin so packing a carrier bag to put your things into is a must. You may giggle but I personally like to use dog poop bags as they're smaller and easier to pack.

| Hand Sanitizer | Keeping your hands clean is so important so that you don't spread infection. If you can get to a sink to wash up that's great but if not then having hand sanitizer is great. It's a known tip to wash your hands for as long as singing 'happy birthday' in your head twice.

| Medication | When flaring up you never know when you are going to end up getting rushed into hospital or attending your local accident and emergency unit so having either your medication or at least a list of medication and the start dates on hand can be so important for your health and future treatment. Having a copy of all of the things you are allergic to or have a reaction to, and who your doctors are is a wonderful tip too.

| Adult Nappy | Thankfully I've personally never had to wear an adult nappy but I know fellow sufferers who won't even go out without wearing one so having one in my emergency flare-up bag is a must for me as I never know when I may need one in the future. (Fingers crossed I never do!)

| Noise Apps | Sometimes, there is nothing worse than getting embarrassed about being in the bathroom of a clinic in the hospital, having a waiting room full of people outside and "going to the toilet". 

| Body Spray | Going into a bathroom after someone has used it can sometimes smell horrible so instead of "leaving a smell behind", one of the best tips I can give you is to pack a body spray with you in your bag to not only spray the bathroom but yourself too, then you can leave a fresh smell behind.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x