Friday 11 October 2019

Love Your Horoscope | Review

AD | Hello my lovelies! I was recently contacted by the wonderful people behind the We Love Horoscope* website and sent these beautiful items pictured above to test out for a review. Here are my thoughts...

"We Love Horoscope"* started a few years after the owner started working as a part-time horoscope reader, and who was in search of a way to share their passion with others.

"Too often, we hear from people who feel that horoscopes are “fluky”, “gimmicky,” or downright wrong. However, it’s these people who are wrong! There is a lot of information that goes into analyzing horoscopes and astrological signs. Horoscopes could help make you a better person, improve your daily life, and assist you when you’ve reached a crossroad."

My birthday is on 31st July, which makes me a Leo. 

"The lion rules the jungle and does it with pride, the Leo takes cues from this magnificent beast; conquering each task they set their mind to. Leo's work hard and are proud of the work they do, intense and energetic, the Leo needs to be reminded to slow down sometimes. The peridot stone of the Leo brings good health and restful slumber to the life of the busy Leo."

Personalised 'Alisha Valerie' Laser Engraved Leo Wineglass* | £19.00

I adore this wine glass, it came packed beautifully in a box which would make the perfect gift for someone. The glass holds a lot of wine at 15oz, perfect for me, but I would recommend being very gentle with it as it feels a little fragile so I think for me it's going to be more of an ornament than an actual glass because I don't want it to break or chip in any way as the design is so gorgeous. These wine glasses would make the perfect Christmas gift for someone as you can regret that yours comes with a legantly laser engraved name of your choice or a short message with up to 20 characters. I would pay £19 for this wineglass as it's really beautiful.

Specialty Leo Zodiac Necklace* | £16.00

This necklace comes with a chain length is 16 inches and is an 18k gold plated 316 stainless steel chain with the pendant which represents the zodiac sign of Leo birthstone of Peridot. The picture on the website shows that it comes in a box, however, it did not come in a box, it only came in a plastic sealed bag which, to be honest, I hate anyway as they're so bad for our environment but it makes the necklace look rather cheap. Even though the necklace itself is so stunning, I would be really disappointed if I ordered this online paying £16 for it and it only comes in a plastic bag and not in a box.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x