Monday 14 October 2019

My Relaxing Autumn Outfits from Femme Luxe

AD | Hello my lovelies! I was recently contacted by Femme Luxe* who asked me to pick out some outfits from their website for me to review on my website so that's what this post is going to be about today, also I'm gonna be sharing a couple of ways how I would style these clothes too.

| "Maria" Loungewear Tracksuit Sets (Black Tracksuit) & (Grey Tracksuit) | I'm so gutted to say that both tops from these suits didn't fit me, although both pairs of the pants fitted me perfectly. I ordered a size 12/14 as I'm a size UK 12 waist but as I'm also a size 16/18 top I'm gutted as it's pretty tight-fitting around the burst area and I wasn't able to move much in them. However, I would recommend buying this if you don't have massive boobies like I do as the pants are so comfortable to wear and really soft feeling.

I decided to pick this black "Eden" Gold-Zip Bum-Bag* (or fanny pack if you are from the states) with the black tracksuit as I thought it would be great for me to wear when I'm on a day out and using my wheelchair as I have everything right with me on hand rather than it all being in a bag on the back of my wheelchair. It is a little bigger than I was expecting but that's fine as it will fit more items in it comfortably. They have so many other gorgeous bum-bags on their website which you can check out here.

Black "Ava" Wide Leg Loungewear Set | This was the only suit I ordered which fitted me perfectly. I ordered a size 12/14, the whole suit fits me really comfortable and the top is big and flowy which I find perfect. I like that this top can be worth as a lounge suit at home chilling or out and about with a pair of pumps and some pretty statement earrings, or even dressed up with a pair of heels and a big colourful statement necklace. The only negative I have of this top is that I personally had to cut out the clothing label in the top as it really rubbed on the back of my neck and made it really itchy and sore.

Femme Luxe* have so many other beautiful items on their website including bodysuitsco-ords and corset tops, check their website for a shopping spree! What do you think of Femme Luxe*? Have you tried any of their items? Let me know by sending me a tweet or an Instagram message. Wishing you all so much love! 

With love, Alisha Valerie. x