Monday 4 November 2019

Ways I'll Be Celebrating Bon Fire Night This Year | 2019

AD | Hello my lovelies! We always celebrate Bon Fire Night a couple of days before as we have a furry family member who is so scared of the fireworks and loud noises, and also my great-grandfather passed away on Bon Fire Night so we, as a family, like to remember him on 5th November each year. So as we celebrated yesterday, I thought I'd share with you what we got up to and what ways we celebrated. (picture credit)

| DECORATE | We decorated our gardens with outdoor fairy lights* to make them look super cute, we have a big tree in our garden so we love decorating that too. 

| FOOD | We usually do a big Sunday roast dinner every week, however, this week we changed it up and made a massive vegan Chilli Con Carne in our slow cooker and instead of having it with the usual boiled rice, we decided to put it on some wraps and in hotdog rolls instead. We also decorated some vegan chocolate fingers with icing on end and hundreds and thousands to make them look like little fireworks which ended up looking super cute. And lastly, we made vegan chocolate cupcakes with red and orange icing with cut-up dairy-free matchmakers around the icing to make them look like a bonfire. All of our family loved the food we made and really enjoyed them!

| DRINKS | For drinks we served homemade vegan mulled wine*, dairy-free hot chocolate and tasty vegan cinnamon spice latte. These were perfect for keeping up warm when we were outside in the freezing cold.

| SPARKLERS, FIREWORKS & BONFIRE | Although I'm not a fan of making a bonfire or setting off fireworks in our gardens due to fire safety reasons, I love sparklers! I really enjoyed acting like a little girl and trying to write my name faster than my family members, it really was wonderful and child-like.

| OUTFIT | Making sure that you wrap up warm and keep yourself toasty is a must on these cold nights. This is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new coat or jacket so if you're looking for one make sure you check out the George at Asda* ranges! They have some really beautiful pieces in right now that will make you really stand out among the crowds.

What do you think of our bonfire night celebrations? How will you be spending your night? I'd love to know your thoughts so please send me a tweet or message me on Instagram with your thoughts. Sending you all of my love!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x