Thursday 28 May 2020

Wooden Gifts and More | Brand Review

AD | Good afternoon my lovelies, happy Thursday, I really hope that you're all having a wonderful day! I'm really excited to share an amazing brand with you all today which I have totally fallen in love with. Wooden Gifts And More * is a company started at the end of 2015 by Dennis Marechal, their products are inspired by wood and we keep wood in the centre of the company.

"I always had a passion for pens, when I started Wooden Gifts And More I wanted to make wooden high-quality pens available for everyone." - Dennis Marechal.

The wood which is used for their projects is bought from all around the world at local wood distributors and as the environment is very important for them, they only try to use wood from dead trees or trees that had to be cut down. All of their products are produced in their adorable workshop located in Belgium, you can see pictures of their workshop on their website. Over the years they have made all sorts of the project in wood, and we're truly passionate about wood, the heart of the company is in making wood turned pens and gifts which they can personalise by engraving your desired text to create a warm and special touch.

They're not one of the companies that you order from and have to wait around two to four weeks for your order to be shipped as within twenty-four hours of ordering they instantly prepare your order for shipping so you know that your order is on its way for when you need it!

You can check out more of the brand's writing pens, fountain pens, letter openers and key rings on their website by clicking this link, or give them a follow on their social media Instagram page.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x