Monday 11 May 2020

Top Five No-Cost Ways To Organise Your Home Over Lockdown | Guest Post

| GUEST POST | Hello everyone! My name is Poppy and I’m a Professional Organiser and Declutterer based in Bristol. Alisha would like me share my top tips for organising your home over lockdown with you all.

I usually work face to face with clients transforming their homes and offices through my business, Organise with Poppy, however, this has been paused due to the current restrictions. I’ve therefore switched to providing tips online through my Instagram and also writing workbooks for those who would like to use this time as an opportunity to organise particular areas. All of link to those can be found at the end of this article.

For now, I’m going to share some general tips to help you stay organised during lockdown!

| Why Organise Your Space? | It’s a tricky time for a lot of people forced to stay inside unexpectedly and our home environment is playing such an important role in supporting us during this period. Clutter and an unorganised space intensifies feelings of chaos, being out of control and stress. It’s more important than ever that we do everything we can to keep our space calm so that we feel safe and can relax inside. So with all of that in mind, I’d love to share with you my top tips for getting organised without you having to purchase ANYTHING!

| Re-purpose Jars, Tins and Plastic Containers | Take a look at your recycling right now. You might see rubbish that’s waiting to be collected, but if you look again, you’ll see that there’s actually a lot of containers perfect for organising and also personalising (if you like to get crafty). These jars and tins are the perfect way to start separating items in cluttered drawers, cupboards or children’s bedrooms. You can use them for so many different types of items - from stationery, stock cubes, spare buttons, hair ties, pens etc. The list genuinely is endless and it’s such a great way to start sorting without spending anything.

| Food Preparation | I think it’s safe to say that most of us have experienced low days during this period and whilst we absolutely do not have to be productive all the time, it’s such a help if we use those energised moments to get organised so that when we are having low moments, life at home is a little easier. That’s why I always recommend food prep. As a fellow vegan, I absolutely LOVE my fruit and veggies, but I do not love washing/slicing them every time I want to snack on something...! By prepping your food in advance you only have to do this once, which also helps us go for healthy snack options when they are just as quick to access. Where possible, I suggest you do this as part of your routine when you put the shopping away. When you get home from the supermarket, rinse, slice and prep your fruit and veggies and store them in airtight containers in your fridge. If you like to juice, or make smoothies, then makeup containers with the various ingredients together in so you can grab and blitz in an instant!

| Declutter Your Bathroom Sink | It’s one of the first things we go to and see in the morning, yet it appears to be a magnet for random bathroom items that aren’t used often! Clearing this area allows us a fresh start to the day. Start by clearing away anything that isn’t used on a daily basis. Find another storage place for these other items so that they are still accessible, but not taking up large amounts of surface space. You might want to use a shoebox you like the look of (for dry products), or you could hang them in a drawstring bag on the back of the bathroom door if they are really infrequent.

| Combine Your To-Do Lists | It’s really common for people to write things down on the nearest scrap of paper when they think of something they need to do. This tends to be in addition to a written to-do list in a notebook and some notes on our phones. This can often leave us feeling like we have more to do than we actually do. Gain some clarity and get a true understanding of your outstanding tasks by having one place (offline or online) to store your list. This way it’s easier to prioritise your tasks and you are less likely to forget to do something important now it’s no longer floating around on the back of an old envelope! If you decide to write the list down (rather than keep it on your phone) why not pick a lovely notebook that you enjoy using so you are more inclined to keep things in one place.

| Have A ‘Power Quarter of an Hour’ Before You Go To Bed | Taking 15 minutes at the end of every day to tidy up, put clothes away, clear all surfaces and do the washing up allows you to truly start every day fresh. Starting your day in a clear environment really helps every day feel brand new, with heaps of possibilities and without the visual reminders of the day before.

Will you be doing any of these? If you do decide to put any of these into action, I would LOVE to see your before and after pictures, so please feel free to tag me in them @organisewithpoppy and I can share them with my followers too!

Happy Organising!

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Bloggers note: I really hope that you enjoyed this guest post my lovelies, I really think that Poppy has made some awesome tips to help stay organised in your home whilst stuck on lockdown. Wishing everyone a really wonderful day! Stay safe x

With love, Alisha Valerie. x