Wednesday 27 May 2020

May Favourites | Morphilms Blogs

| GUEST POST | Good afternoon! Since I've been stuck at home on lockdown I've had more time to do more things so today I thought I’d give the monthly favourites a go and share what's been keeping my interest through May.

Games: So since we're all stuck in I shelled out for the Xbox game pass, where you can download some couch classics to keep you entertained. The Walking Dead: Telltale series, I’m not someone who enjoys zombie shows or games, I think they’re the no brain evil to write, next to Nazis and world-ending sky beams. They’re boring, played out and I've never wanted to watch the TV show, so I really shied away from this game, however telltale really bring this story of survival to life, with a great dynamic between characters and important choices to make. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Streets of Rage 4 are couch co-ops, where multiple people can play, Borderlands is very gun heavy dystopia with a lot of humour while streets of rage are the classic side-scrolling beat 'em up I remember from the Sega Masterdrive. Google it, kids. Finally, Afterparty is a story of two friends who are sent to hell, where the only way out is to out drink the Devil. It’s well written, with an art style like Gorillaz or Tank Girl.

TV/Movie: Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 is a Netflix UK exclusive about cyber terrorism police, section 9, made in CGI, I love anything GitS so loved watching this, my only gripe being the animators seem determined to make the main character look younger each new movie, I don’t understand this as I fell in love with the mature look of the 1995 original.

On May 4th I didn’t end up watching a star wars movie, even though they’re all on Disney+, instead the next day I watched Rogue One: A Star Wars story, which is a favourite of mine because it’s a stand-alone story, no brooding about lightsabres or pod racing, just an old fashioned heist movie wrapped around the star wars lore. Alisha seemed to enjoy the force unleashed so I’m optimistic about watching the last Jedi and rise of skywalker for the first time.

We rented Chef on Amazon *, which is a feel-good father/son movie involving a top-end restaurant chef, pursuing his love of cooking by travelling across America in his own food truck with his son and best friend. The soundtrack is killer and any foodies will get a lot of ideas from this.

Finally, anyone looking for a satirical take on the current state of the world should check out Charlie Brooker Antiviral wipe on BBC iPlayer, where the black mirror writer has a comical outlook on life during the lockdown.

Music: I’ve been having a 90s girl rock binge on my Spotify, listening to Garbage/No Doubt and L7, I made a playlist called Section Nine were I’ve listed some other female-led bands you might want to either check out or rediscover.

Books: Annihilation; I’m really into sci-fi movies and when I saw this on NetFlix UK I wanted to read the book, sometimes it helps if I’ve seen the movie 1st so that I can put a face or a voice to the book character, as it did here, I really like some of the stuff Philip k dick has done, but I’ve struggled with books he didn’t get made into movies. I’m reading this on kindle and it’s very eerie when you’re so engrossed in a book that you haven’t turned any lights on as the book is pulling you in and the kindle is the only light source.

Food: as vegetarian/vegans, everyone knows Quorn or Linda McCartney, but lately we’ve been trying a lot of Fry’s family food, who do gorgeous chicken burgers, hot dogs, schnitzels and nuggets. Really nice change of pace and the burgers taste like festival burgers, *chefs kiss*

Those are some of the things that have been keeping me busy, hope something popped out to you. Ta.

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